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Resources for Xiaomi devices, formerly hosted on r/Xiaomi

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Regional versions of Xiaomi devices

Xiaomi devices which are officially sold outside of Mainland China usually come in three versions. Versions of Redmi devices differ in LTE band support, pre-installed ROM and packaging, while the versions of Mi phones tend to be identical in hardware and only come in a different box and with a different ROM. Some Xiaomi devices only have Chinese versions while Android One models aren’t sold in Mainland China at all.

Chinese Version

Chinese versions are manufactured and sold in Mainland China, they come in a Chinese box with a NEMA plug power adapter and the China Stable ROM pre-installed. Most resellers sell the Chinese versions of Xiaomi devices with a Global ROM (often labelled as “International version” or “Global ROM version”), since some devices are only available in China.

Warning: On Chinese Versions manufactured after May 2018, it’s not possible to boot any ROM other than the official Chinese one if the bootloader is locked.

Global Version

Global versions are manufactured in Mainland China and sold in the rest of the market (outside of Mainland China and India). The box’s language and the power adapter’s plug varies by region, but the phone always comes with the Global Stable ROM or one of its variants pre-installed. Global Redmi devices also support more LTE bands than their Chinese counterparts. Global versions usually have a red ‘Global Version’ sticker on the box and it’s worth noting that most resellers offer both the Global and Chinese versions of devices.

Indian Version

Indian versions are manufactured and sold in India, they come in an English box with an Indian power adapter and the India Stable ROM pre-installed. Indian Redmi devices support significantly less LTE bands than Chinese ones, because only a fraction of those bands are used in India. Resellers who are dealing with Indian versions are extremely hard to come by so you shouldn’t worry about encountering them. Indian versions have a red ‘Made in India’ sticker on the box.